Pasangan BTC / USDT untuk pertama kalinya pada pertukaran terdesentralisasi

  • The first time a decentralized exchange has achieved BTC/USDT pair
  • The integration of the pair will help the regular crypto traders to trade such pairs seamlessly
  • X9 developers are preparing bots for a stress test the latest pair
  • Stakenet DEX is entirely different from other existing decentralized exchanges

BTC/USDT trade on a decentralized exchange has been accomplished for the first time in the world. X9 developers, the development team of Stakenet DEX, the decentralized exchange (DEX) have marked the beginning of a much-improved way of crypto trading. The developer’s team is behind the first-ever Lightning DEX, which has achieved a non-client Lightning Swap from BTC to USDT on a decentralized exchange with a centralized exchange (CEX) like interface.

BTC/USDT pair on a DEX will benefit regular traders 

The X9 developers have achieved the first non-client Lightning Swap from Bitcoin to Tether on a decentralized exchange with a centralized user interface. The aforementioned fact means that it is the first time when Bitcoin and Ethereum chains have been officially connected. The connection is made over respective second layers, and the trade can be live monitored on the platform. 

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The Stakenet DEX offers a fully decentralized and veteran trader interface so that users could enjoy a centralized experience. Moreover, for non-veteran traders, the exchange is offering a Uniswap-style one-click swaps feature. On the other hand, regular crypto traders will be allowed to easily and instantly trade or swap crypto-asset pairs with low fees for the first time. Such pairs include BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, BTC/ETH, and many others.

Developers of the DEX are preparing bots for a stress test

Trading bots are being prepared by the X9 developers team of the Stakenet DEX to stress test the BTC/USDT pair. It is known that the test will be showcasing the exchange’s capability of handling high transactions per second utilizing the Bitcoin Lightning Network, ETH L2, and Connext client. 

Indeed, the Connext client was recently added to compete with CEX. Moreover, the integration of the network will allow the users to enjoy the Stakenet chain-agnostic facility’s benefits.

Stakenet DEX is different than other DEXs

Currently, decentralized exchanges seem 90% Ethereum only exchanges, with only 10% are non user-friendly. Moreover, most of the DEXs are expensive and slow with limited pairs. However, Stakenet DEX utilizing the Lightning network aims to upgrade the blockchain infrastructure. Also, the transactions are entirely off the chain, making it cheaper, private, cheap, and fast. Moreover, the exchange allows the first BTC/USDT pair trading on a DEX and offers immense scalability while offering a win-win solution to users.

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